Alcohol Allergy: How Is It Possible?

Yesterday at the party everything was fine, but today I have rash and red spots on my skin for some reason. What does it mean? Most likely, you are allergic to alcohol, and these symptoms are just a beginning. How to determine alcohol allergy and is it possible to treat it?


What is allergy to alcohol drinks?

To begin with, every allergic reaction is a process of the immune system showing hypersensitivity to a certain agent. If the body is affected by such an allergen again, antibody response to it begins, which leads to a serious inflammation.

In addition to ethyl alcohol, such effect can be caused also by the following:

  • Colours added to drinks,
  • Preservative agents,
  • Flavouring agents,
  • Yeast, hops, etc.


What are symptoms of such allergy?

There are different allergy symptoms depending on certain allergens. But often the signs of alcohol allergy are the following:

  • Skin redness (areas: face, hands, sometimes body),
  • Heaving, nausea,
  • Gastric disturbance,
  • Cracked, dry, itchy skin,
  • Swollen facial skin,
  • Getting drunk quickly,
  • Rhinitis (possibly suffocation),
  • Acute headache,
  • Asthma attack,
  • Varying pressure and temperature.

Symptoms of allergic reaction to alcohol drinks can be caused by either minimum or excessive amount of consumed alcohol.


How do we treat it?

If you notice at least one of the above symptoms after you have a drink, the first thing to do is to avoid further drinking of any alcohol and visit a doctor to check kidneys, liver, etc.

Sometimes, to get rid of allergy symptoms, it is enough to simply change a drink to something else or to reduce the dose. It is important to remember that sometimes it is not alcohol to blame, but the additives contained in alcohol drinks.

A doctor may recommend using non-addictive anti-allergic medicines that have onset of action almost immediately after administration. However, do not forget that all such agents do not provide for the simultaneous taking of any alcohol, as this can adversely affect the cardiovascular system.

If an allergy is acute (for example, in you collapsed or your pressure is significantly low), it is important to call a doctor immediately. It is also necessary to determine by yourself what type of alcohol (and in what doses) you are allergic to.

Remember: if you have allergy to a certain alcohol drink twice or more times, you have to immediately quit drinking it. In case the allergy occurs only occasionally, you should pay attention to the functioning of your digestive system.

When an allergic reaction occurs in the form of vomiting and nausea, perform gastric lavage with cold water. In addition to that, in case of an internal allergy, you should take anti-allergic medicines (orally). If an allergen contacts with the skin and causes redness, you can use external preparations, such as anti-allergic ointments.

In order prevent exposing your body to danger once again, try to avoid drinking low-quality alcohol and drinks with colours and synthetic additives if possible.


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