Anal Sex: to Have or Not to Have?

Some people consider anal sex as a taboo subject, and others think of it as an interesting experiment. But who is right? This matter is still relevant, since there are a lot of controversies surrounding it. So, is it fine to have such non-standard sex or is it better not to do this?


About anal sex

Anal sex is the way of sexual intercourse, during which the penis penetrates not into the vagina, but into the anus. This type of sex is not very common, but statistics shows that 10-40% of people have tried it at least once. Many people just like to feel petting and touching in the area of the anus.

Can anal sex be harmful to health? Yes, if it happens:

  • Rough (with a sharp penetration and without the preparation or consent of a woman),
  • Without special lubrication,
  • Without a condom.

You should not have vaginal sex right after anal sex, since an infection can get into vagina.

Anal sex can be a pleasant and harmless experiment, if both partners are prepared for it morally and physically. It should be remembered that in the process of such sexual intercourse, the woman should not feel any pain and unpleasant sensations.

Some people are afraid to have anal sex, because they have heard that it can cause faecal incontinence and flatulence. Usually, this happens when sex was rough or forced. It is important to understand that sex without the consent of a woman is considered as a criminal offense and can harm her health.


Pros and cons of anal sex

To understand whether to have such type of sex or not, you need to consider all the pros and cons. So, the pros of this type of sexual contact are the following:

  • Pleasant sensations in the process of sexual intercourse because the penis stimulates nerve endings in the anus
  • Safety and avoidance of many diseases (venereal diseases, rectal prolapse, etc.) in case of proper preparation
  • Excluding the possibility of accidental pregnancy
  • Increase of trust between partners

The cons of such experimental sex include:

  • Injury of the skin and mucous membrane as a result of penetration into the anus without lubrication
  • Weakening of the sphincter’s function of faeces retention
  • Urethral diseases in men and vaginal and urethral diseases in women as a result of transferring bacteria from the rectum
  • Exposure of rectum tissues to various venereal diseases


Helpful tips

If you decide to experiment with your partner after all, try to follow the medical recommendations:

  • First, prepare and relax the anal area with your fingers or sex toys of different diameters
  • Use special condoms and change them before vaginal sex after having sexual intercourse through the anus
  • Take a shower after anal sex before traditional sexual intercourse, if you do not use a condom
  • Use high-quality additional lubricant
  • Have sex in a position, which is comfortable for a woman to control the depth of penis penetration
  • Stop the experiment if a woman feels uncomfortable or is in acute pain


Watch or buy video (animation) about using condoms




Before anal sex, it is important to make sure that the rectum of a woman does not contain faecal masses. If necessary, you can defecate or make an enema, and then carefully wash yourself with an intimate soap.

A woman can get really good sensations and even pleasure from anal sex, but this is unlikely to happen in the first couple of times. It is possible that after the first such experience, the woman will feel unpleasant pain in the area of the anus (blood discharge is even possible).

In case of rough anal sex, it is important to consult a proctologist regarding possible injuries.


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