Measles: Disease That Affects Adults and Children

There is a common belief that measles is a mild disease like chickenpox, and it only occurs in childhood. In fact, it is an infectious disease that could lead to serious complications in case of improper treatment and manifests itself in both children and adults.


How can you get measles?

This viral disease occurs mainly in autumn or winter, affecting the central nervous system, respiratory tracts, tonsils, liver, intestines, etc. Infection is spread by airborne transmission from a person who already has measles.

Those who have already suffered from the disease have a strong immunity and almost never get infected for the second time.


Symptoms of the disease

Let’s figure out what forms of measles exist. Specialists distinguish 2 forms of this disease:

  • Typical (with pronounced symptoms)
  • Atypical (asymptomatic; this form is quite dangerous and can even lead to death)

Nevertheless, typical form of measles is the most “popular”. It is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • Weakness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Headache
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Increased body temperature (in case of complications)
  • Rhinitis (mucous and purulent discharge in the first days of the disease)
  • Barking non-productive cough
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Appearance of small bright spots with red borders on the palate and buccal mucosa
  • Appearance of pinkish-red spots on the skin throughout the body

It is more difficult for adults to go through measles than for children, since it is often accompanied by serious complications (problems with the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system, central nervous system, etc.).


How to treat it and how to prevent it?

  • If there is even the slightest suspicion of measles, you should promptly consult a doctor, who will establish a definite diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment.
  • Usually, at the initial stage of the disease (during fever), a doctor recommends to keep bed rest and drink a lot of fluid. It is also important to rinse your mouth often with chamomile or similar tincture (4 to 5 times a day) and keep your skin and eyes clean.
  • To reduce the manifestation of symptoms, a doctor prescribes cough medicines, conjunctivitis drops, tablets against itching, etc. It is especially important to keep healthy diet and take vitamin A and C during this period.
  • Fever can be relieved with antipyretic action medicines.

Prevention of measles includes the administration of live vaccine. It should be remembered that such a vaccine builds up immunity for no longer than 15 years, therefore, try to avoid contact with people that have measles, if possible.

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