How to Care The Skin Properly

Skin condition is the reflection of the processes running inside the human body, as well as around it. Therefore, unfortunately, the appearance of the skin can easily be influenced by factors such as poor working conditions, unfavourable climate and poor-quality nutrition. What to do to always look young and fresh?


Why is it important?

Skin care is necessary because unfavourable living and professional conditions can trigger the emergence of complex skin diseases.

It should be borne in mind that the gastrointestinal tract organs must function properly, and this can be ensured only through proper nutrition and taking vitamins. In order to regularly replenish the body with useful elements and prevent the appearance of eczemas or psoriasis, one can take multivitamin complexes used as a maintenance therapy for malnutrition.

To ensure that the skin is cleaned of dirt, sweat, sebum and dead cells, it is necessary to regularly perform care procedures and hygienic procedures.


Skincare rules

To keep the skin clean, fresh and healthy, it is important to adhere to the following rules:

  • Take a bath once a week for a quarter of an hour and a shower with room temperature water – every day
  • Treat the skin with a cream suitable for its type
  • Keep the skin hydrated by maintaining water balance in its cells with lotions and creams
  • Wash with warm/cool water
  • Always clean the skin if it is oily, and use a nourishing cream if it is dry.

General hygiene rules also include the following points:

  • Before shaving, wash with hot water and wash your hands with warm water and soap
  • Keep the legs and feet clean – wash them thoroughly every day
  • Perform hygienic care of the genitals daily before going to bed
  • Try to keep the nails on your hands and feet clean – wash them with a brush, cut them once a week and, if necessary, move the cuticle (it is important for women to do a manicure and pedicure on their own or in the salon)
  • Protect the skin from damage (burns, cuts, corrosive chemicals).

Proper skin hygiene also includes a contrast shower. It works perfectly in case of fatigue and improves blood circulation. How to take it right? Start with warm water, then slowly make it hot, and then quickly shower with cold water. Repeat this procedure three times, ending with cool water. In no case, make the water icy, as you can get hypothermia.

Remember that fresh air, the sun in moderate doses, sports, swimming and other water procedures have a positive impact on the skin.

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