Couperosis – Is This Forever?

Unfortunately, a vascular tree formed on the face for no reason is quite common. This phenomenon is not dangerous to health, but it looks unattractive. Couperosis, contrary to popular belief, is not a disease of only mature women – women can suffer from it before and after the age of 30.


Why does couperosis appear?

There is no end of reasons for this disease. Couperosis may appear under the influence of:

  • Hereditary factor
  • Weak vessel walls
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Inflammation of the sinuses of the nose
  • Stressful situations
  • Poor-quality nutrition
  • Gastrointestinal tract diseases
  • Bad habits
  • Skin diseases
  • Compromised immunity
  • Enthusiasm for cosmetology procedures
  • An unfavourable climate.


What are the symptoms of couperosis?

This disease is similar in appearance to a red “spiderweb” located in the area of the nose and cheeks. People who have dry and sensitive skin are most prone to the formation of such a spiderweb on the face, but couperosis is often found in people with a different type of skin.

Couperosis develops in stages by “filling” the cheeks first, then the chin and nose, and sometimes the forehead. If the disease is not treated, progression is possible – the vascular tree will become a large stain that causes unpleasant itching sensations and irritation. At the advanced stage of the disease, pustules also appear on the skin.

If you notice a similar vascular tree on your face, try to consult a doctor as soon as possible and start treating couperosis. Remember that in hypertension, the “spiderweb” disappears after the blood pressure has returned to normal, but this does not mean that couperosis has resolved.


Is couperosis treatable at all?

This disease is treatable, but it must be done under the supervision of a doctor. The doctor will help to find the reason for the appearance of couperosis, and will prescribe a suitable treatment based on the individual characteristics of the patient’s body.

In the treatment of red “spiderweb” an integrated approach is important, including the following measures:

  • Elimination of reasons provoked couperosis,
  • Creating a balanced lifestyle,
  • Avoiding bad habits,
  • Correction of dietary regimen,
  • Application of special care products (depending on the skin type),
  • Elimination of damaged vessels on the face,
  • Cosmetic procedures (mesotherapy, laser treatment, etc.),
  • Administration of medicines that strengthen vessels and ointments that reduce the inflammatory process and have an antithrombotic effect.

If you have been diagnosed this disease, it is important to adhere to the following nutritional recommendations:

  • Avoid eating spicy, salty, roasted, smoked and sweet food (as well as alcoholic beverages and coffee)
  • Eat foods containing vitamins С and К, as well as silicon and rutin (spinach, cabbage, oatmeal, berries, legumes, citrus fruits, and walnuts).

Moreover, it’s important to:

  • Protect the face from ultraviolet radiation
  • Use soft towels (you need to wipe your skin carefully and smoothly with them)
  • Avoid steaming, manual massage, mechanical skin peeling, etc.
  • Avoid using skin care products containing alcohol
  • Use skin care products containing natural ingredients that strengthen vessels (green tea, blueberries, olives, etc.).

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