Your Hair Also Loves Care

The beauty of the hair is not always a gift we inherited from nature. We can achieve its beauty through health promotion, high-quality food and healthy lifestyle. And there’s more – a proper care provides the most of a beautiful appearance of the hair.


What is important to do for hair care?

So, your hair should be clean and well-cared in order to be healthy. What is required for this? To begin with, decide on your type of the hair, and then find out what care it needs and what it lacks to look chic.

Remember that healthy hair requires not less care than weakened. In hair care, try to focus on natural remedies and vitamins, which enrich the body with calcium and other important microelements.

Hair care procedures include:

  • Washing your hair with quality water and properly selected products,
  • Correct hair drying,
  • Hair care between water procedures.


How to wash your head properly?

It would seem quite an easy procedure, but many women have been washing their hair improperly for years, and then they wonder why their hair is far from perfect.

In order to achieve the beautiful hair, you need to:

  • Use soft water only
  • Provide massage and rubbing of the scalp during washing (however, this should not be done with fingernails, but with the pads of your fingers)
  • Wash your head not too often to prevent dysfunction of the sebaceous glands (so the hair can become very dry or begin to quickly become fat)
  • Soap the hair with a soapy foam, and not with the soap itself
  • Apply hair conditioners, balms and masks
  • Regularly rinse your hair (for example, with warm water with lemon juice).


What else is worth remembering?

In order not to accidentally damage your hair, it is important to:

  • Go to bed only with dried hair
  • Properly dry your hair with a dry bath towel (you may tie a turban on your head, but only for a few minutes – only to have excess water absorbed into the fabric)
  • Comb your hair only when it is dry (with coarse-toothed comb, then with rake comb)
  • Comb your hair beginning with the ends and moving higher to the roots.

Remember that your hair is in the same state in which your body is. Therefore, try to eat good food, not to overwork, not to get nervous and avoid alcohol and tobacco products. It is also important not to abuse coffee and tea and practice sports.

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