How to Deal with Overweight

The problem of obesity has recently become very urgent due to the popularity of fast food and sedentary lifestyles. In some countries, such a disease is already being treated at the state level, but in most cases, the fight with extra pounds is a personal matter. Why are there excess fat deposits and how to cope with this disaster?


Who does overweight appear?

Obesity can be of two types – depending on the causes:

  • Primary (due to the genetic factor, excessive consumption of harmful food, hypodynamia),
  • Symptomatic (due to the other serious disease).

Medicines can influence the appearance of fat deposits:

  • Antidepressants
  • Hormonal medicines for women
  • Corticosteroids, etc.

Sometimes extra pounds appear due to certain pathologies, for example: disorders of the pituitary or thyroid gland, Cushing’s disease, injuries to the nerve cells of the hypothalamus, etc.



How do I know that I am overweight?

Before starting to struggle with overweight, you need to find out exactly if you have one. This is very important, as recently, ideal weight standards have been imposed upon us by the modern culture of the majority, and therefore those who struggle with “extra” pounds often become anorexics or get bulimia.

To determine the presence of overweight, you need to calculate the BMI. Finding a body mass index is simple: you need to divide the kilograms of your weight by meters of height (squared). Evaluating the result is also not difficult:

  • BMI = 19-25 – normal,
  • BMI = 25-30 – overweight,
  • BMI = 30 and above – obesity.

Overweight indicates abnormalities in the body. Most people with overweight suffer from the cardiovascular system diseases. In addition, overweight provokes articular osteoarthritis, deforms the feet, etc. Obesity leads to metabolism disorders, resulting in diabetes mellitus and atherosclerosis.


Fighting obesity

People who are prone to obesity should remember that it is very important to control the quantity and quality of food they eat, as well as to ensure their proper physical activity in the fight against extra pounds.

To find out exactly what approach is needed to address your particular problem, you should consult with a specialist. A doctor will conduct an examination and tell you the appropriate ratio for the “diet-sports” question. Regular tests will also help to identify the problem of overweight in a timely manner and get rid of it at an early stage.

As a means of losing weight, the doctor may recommend the administration of vitamins necessary for the body to ensure the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, the circulatory and nervous systems, etc.

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