How to Suspend Skin Ageing

Crow’s feet, lion wrinkles, marionette wrinkles… All these names combine one common problem, which is the cause of frustration for any woman. Some wrinkles appear unexpectedly, some of them gradually, but in any case they remind that every day, youth is only retreating. Why there are wrinkles, and what to do to look fresh and young for as long as possible?


Why do wrinkles appear?

Wrinkles are the name for small creases and chips, which occur on the skin of the neck, face and other parts of the body. The nature of their appearance is simple: wrinkles are formed when elastin and collagen connective fibres are torn or damaged.

The appearance of wrinkles is due to the fact that certain metabolic processes slow down with age in the body. The skin becomes less elastic, not so well retains moisture, and therefore, both large and small wrinkles appear on its upper layer.

Wrinkles are also formed due to constant muscle contraction during communication, smiles, habits of frowning and wrinkling, etc.


What can I do?

If you are very worried about wrinkles, do not try to solve this problem on your own. It is necessary to consult a qualified cosmetologist to understand how to return your skin to its former appearance and avoid the rapid occurrence of new wrinkles.

Depending on the situation and the skin condition, the doctor can recommend various methods of wrinkle removal, for example:

  • Injections of botulinum toxin
  • Use of intradermal fillers
  • Laser polishing of the skin, etc.

In addition to the main ways to eliminate wrinkles, you can take a vitamin complex that slows the aging process of the skin. To improve its condition and smooth wrinkles, you need to use vitamins in the form of treatment course (for 2 months).


Is there a prevention of wrinkles?

There are preventive measures to avoid wrinkles, but it is important to understand that an expensive cream cannot always save the situation. No matter what kind of advertised anti-aging agent you use, it is necessary to remember that the skin condition, elasticity and purity depend first and foremost on the overall health of the body.

To keep the skin fresh and smooth, try to observe the following recommendations:

  • Monitor the quality of sleep (sleep at least 7 hours a day),
  • Keep a healthy diet,
  • Control your facial expressions during conversation, laughter, etc.,
  • Avoid excessive exposure to the sunlight,
  • Give up smoking and alcohol consumption,
  • Do not read in supine position,
  • Care for your skin properly, based on its type (especially if it is dry),
  • Use scrubs and moisture the skin regularly.

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