The Whole Day Will Be As The Breakfast Was Like

A delicious and healthy breakfast is a great way to set a positive tone for the whole coming day. It is thanks to breakfast that we are gaining energy for new achievements. Unfortunately, the modern rhythm of life dictates its own rules: someone overpowers himself sleepily trying to eat at least a bit in the morning, and some people generally think that breakfast consists of a cup of coffee drunk in a hurry before work.


Why do I need breakfast?

Why is breakfast so important? Scientists have proven that the absence of breakfast in the morning is one of the common causes of obesity in the world. According to statistics, the metabolism in a person who has breakfast occurs 3-4 % faster than in a person who ignores the morning meal. This means that people skipping breakfast can gain 3-6 kg in just one year!

It often happens that we eat well in the evening, not in the morning, not long before going to bed. However, this is completely wrong: it turns out that we gain energy from food and go to bed, thereby preventing it from coming out. As a result, inactivated calories turn into fat cells on the abdomen and sides. So would it not be more rational to refuse a heavy dinner and arrange a healthful breakfast?

Breakfast helps to reduce the number of platelets and cholesterol in the blood. Thus, just having a good meal in the morning, we carry out the prevention of cardiovascular system diseases and also save ourselves from stones in the gallbladder.

The ideal breakfast is:

  • Various cereals that give energy
  • Fresh fruit replenishing the reservoir of vitamins
  • Dairy products giving us proteins and minerals.


How to force yourself to have breakfast, if you do not want to?

It happens that in the morning there is absolutely no appetite. In this case, do not pay attention to your unwillingness to eat and still have breakfast. Your body will be thankful to you. If you have not had breakfast before, try to cultivate such a new and useful habit.

In order to surely want to eat in the morning, try to eat less before going to bed – so you will have time to get hungry and fully enjoy breakfast.

It’s good to eat porridge in the morning, but it’s not necessary to do it constantly – it’s important to listen to your body and give it what it wants more at the moment. In any case, remember: it’s better to have at least a bit for breakfast than to skip it at all.

To awaken the body and improve digestion, try to drink a glass of water with a spoon of honey and lemon juice 30 minutes before eating every morning.

If you have a lifestyle in which breakfast does not fit in any way, you must replenish your reservoir of amino acids, vitamins, fats, carbohydrates and minerals in the body. This is possible by the use of special preventive medicines recommended for use in case of malnutrition. They not only improve the process of metabolism, but also restore hair and skin, and strengthen vision.

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