How to Choose The Best Shaving Method

Everyone considers the process of shaving differently: someone just wants to do it quickly, and another one gets real pleasure from this procedure. If you have not decided yet how to shave and what device to choose, it’s high time to make a decision and find your ideal shaving method.


Choosing a razor

The quality of regular care for your “hairiness” depends on the correct type of a razor:

  1. Wet shave razor is a common razor, while choosing it you need to pay attention to a number of nuances:
  • Razor blades (it is better to have 2 to 5 blades),
  • MicroComb (for hair lifting),
  • Lubricating strips (they soften the shaving process and prevent irritation).
  1. Straight razor is a razor, which is commonly used in specialized barbershops. You need to be skilled to use this razor, but with its help, you can achieve the maximum result.
  2. Electric shaver is a mains or battery operated device.

If the first or second type of a razor is quite easy to choose, it is necessary to take into account a number of factors when choosing a suitable electric shaver:

  • Shaving system (razors can be foil or rotary)
  • Mode of operation (batteries/accumulator cells or mains operated)
  • Number of shaving heads (one to five)
  • Accessories (special humidification, pivoting head, cleaning and charging unit, etc.)
  • Complete set (electric shaver can go with a travel pouch, cleaning brush, nozzles, lubricating oil, etc.).

Having determined that many men like wet shaving because it softens bristle, some manufacturers began to produce models of electric shavers that can be used even in the shower. Such devices are damp- and water-resistant and can be used for dry shaving as well.


Pros and cons of shaving with regular razor and electric shaver

A pro for using a regular razor is ensuring the maximum smooth and clean shaving, but at the same time, such razors often cause cuts and severe skin irritation. In addition, blades quickly become blunt and require replacement, especially if you have to shave often.

It should be noted that a regular razor is simple to use and cleans the pores well, making the skin not only smooth, but also healthy. And yet, you need water and special skin care products, like foam/gel, cream or lotion.

When it comes to electric shaver, it is safer, since the blades are hidden in special head units, so they do not come into direct contact with the skin. Electric shavers perfectly suit sensitive skin and that with moles. Among other things, such devices can be used without shaving gel or foam (so the procedure is much faster). An electric shaver is used in various conditions, including during trips. The blades should be replaced rarely (every 1.5 years for foil shavers, and every 3 years for rotary ones).

Cons include the price, since it is higher than that of regular razors; other cons are the need for a mains or battery, and insufficient pore cleaning, which causes pimples. Besides:

  • Not all the blades of electric shavers are easy to clean (if they do not have a self-cleaning function)
  • Electric shavers may break
  • Shaving process with electric shaver is noisy.


General tips and rules

When preparing for the shaving process, remember the following:

  • If you have a new razor, it can be too sharp and leave deep cuts on the skin
  • To have a perfect shave with an electric shaver, you need to have certain skills and training; not everyone can smoothly shave using this device for the first time
  • It is important to assess the stiffness and thickness of your bristle – the electric shaver blades may not cope with a lot of facial hair (then you need to finish shaving with a simple razor)
  • When buying an electric shaver, you need to make sure that there are replacement foils and blades for this particular model (the device may become obsolete over time, and you will not be able to buy it anywhere)
  • Do not use too much pressure on the razor to get a smoother result – you will cut yourself
  • It is not advisable to shave the same area for several times, as this leads to immediate skin irritation
  • It is better to use special skin care products for softening and protecting the skin from cuts and scratches during shaving
  • If you have too sensitive skin, you should try to shave the day before an important event
  • After shaving, it is important to apply a moisturizer to your skin.

Simple razor vs. electric shaver: which is better? This has been a burning issue for many people for more than one decade. Someone thinks that only a regular razor gives you a perfectly smooth skin, and another one likes a comfortable dry shaving with electric device. And what is your choice?

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