Hair Removal at Home: Advantages and Disadvantages

That’s a paradox: almost all young ladies want to have luxuriant and full hair on their head, but they actively struggle with hair on other parts of their body with all possible means. Salon procedures help them sometimes, but they doll themselves up mostly at home. How can you make your skin perfect without leaving home?


Types of hair removal at home

When it comes to getting rid of unnecessary hair on the body at home, many women prefer an epilator. To remove hair with epilator is, for sure, not the most pleasant procedure, but it is quite possible to soften these sensations. How? The only thing you need is to buy the right and suitable device.

Nowadays one can find a plenty of epilators that suit any taste. They differ in design, as well as in the number of attachments and power supply systems. Anyway, they one thing in common: all these devices help to completely remove undesirable “hairiness” from the body (both hairs and bulbs).

There are disk and tweezer epilators. In fact, both types effectively remove hair thanks to built-in rotating elements (miniature disks or tweezers). However, the best result can be achieved using the second option. Tweezer epilators remove 20 to 40 hairs at a time, while disk epilators – 32.

If you decide to use a tweezer epilator, pay attention to the way you usually “remove” excessive hair. Epilators with iron tweezers are more suitable for dry skin, while epilators with ceramic tweezers are suitable for hair removal in water.

Is it important for you how your skin looks after epilation? Then choose a disk device. It will cause no strong skin irritation and fewer red dots.

It is important to pay attention to the attachments that come with the epilator. Besides the main attachment designed to remove hair on the legs, there are some others: to correct (for example, a bikini area or eyebrows), for “beginners”, for ingrown hairs and for sensitive skin, as well as massage and cooling attachments.

Manufacturers of epilators have made this home procedure as comfortable as possible, therefore they have thought over the options of the adjustable rotation speed of disks and backlight.

As for the hair removal at home with wax strips, it is a less harsh method that can be used for both the legs, the face and bikini area. There is more to come – wax strips can be as follows:

  • Designed for different skin types
  • Different thickness
  • Different size
  • Contain certain components that “soften” the procedure (for example, oil or plant extracts).

Some young ladies make their choice in favour of depilatory creams that completely dissolve hairs after their application. They may be used to remove “hairiness” both on dry skin and during bath procedures.



Advantages and disadvantages of ways of hair removal at home

The main advantage of hair removal with an epilator is that this procedure eliminates unnecessary “hairiness” for 2-3 weeks. Moreover, hairs become thinner and weaker every time, which means that they are no longer noticeable.

Hair removal with an epilator has a number of disadvantages, such as:

  • It is painful
  • It is time-consuming
  • Ingrown hairs

The advantage of using wax strips is that they minimize the risk of ingrown hairs. Nevertheless, it is almost impossible to heat wax, which is part of strips, up to the necessary temperature, and therefore such a procedure often breaks off hair and does not remove it. Many experts advise to use wax strips after epilation (to remove the remaining hairs).

Depilatory creams have several advantages: they are safe, the procedure is quick and painless, and most importantly, this method is quite cost-effective. What is more, there is virtually no ingrown hair and no need to let your hair grow before the depilation procedure.

Nevertheless, please note that this way of hair removal at home is not suitable for those who have sensitive skin, for allergic reaction is probable to occur. You will not use a depilatory cream very often either: it is recommended to apply it not more than twice a week.


About shaving

Nowadays, shaving is the most common and popular way to remove unnecessary “hairiness”, and there is a reason for that. If you buy a quality razor, use it properly and treat your skin duly, hairs may not appear for 3 days after shaving!

This way of hair removal at home has a disadvantage too, which is a high risk of skin irritation. To avoid this displeasing matter, try to use special skin care products (foams, gels) and lotions after shaving. With their help, you moisturize and soften your skin, as well as slow down hair growth.

Make sure you pay attention to the grain when shaving. It may seem strange, but the hair should be shaved with the grain. Thus, you can avoid cuts and hair follicle trauma (which usually leads to hair ingrowth).

When choosing an ideal way of hair removal, do not pander to fashion and do not fuss: weigh all the pros and cons and choose what is right for you.

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