Needle-Free Skin Mesotherapy

Skin is the largest and one of the most essential organs of our body. It protects us against negative environmental impact, and thus becomes thinner, less elastic, and covered with folds and wrinkles over years. Nevertheless, an up-to-date method called needle free mesotherapy (or electroporation) can help the skin to restore its former appearance. So, what is it?


The essence of the procedure

Electroporation is a specially designed method in which cosmetic and therapeutic agents can penetrate into deep dermal layers without the use of a needle. Its role in this case is performed by electric current, which acts on cellular membranes in a gentle and painless manner.

Many people are still scared of the term “electroporation”, though this method has been developed by Professor Andrew Neumann (who was even awarded a Nobel Prize for this idea) back in 1970. Actually, it is all based on physical and biological laws: electromagnetic impulses help all necessary useful substances to penetrate under skin without injecting a needle.

Many cosmetic problems can be solved, and skin diseases can be treated via electroporation. It is worth mentioning that while typical collagen, vitamin, and other injections have long rehabilitation period, electroporation literally saves the skin structure from forceful intervention. Injection-free mesotherapy is notable for the process naturalness, as it helps epidermal ion channels to open at each of the layers and enables useful substances to penetrate as deep as possible.


Who can undergo needle-free skin mesotherapy?

The main goal of electroporation is maintenance of the skin tone, freshness, and elasticity. This procedure is suitable for people wishing to moisturize their skin, to make it younger and face colour more uniform, and to get rid of superficial wrinkles. Often, electroporation is recommended in the presence of such aesthetic problems as scars and pigment spots.

Besides, this procedure is indicated at preparatory stage before plastic surgery, as well as in couperosis. Electroporation helps restoring superficial skin layers after aggressive rejuvenation procedures, chemical peeling, or treatment using laser. Needle-free mesotherapy allows solving such problems as enlarged pores and cellulite, and sometimes even hair shedding.

Electroporation truly helps to restore skin elasticity and reviving its youth, but, at the same time, it has several contraindications. This rejuvenation procedure is not recommended for use in case of:

  • Intolerability of a cosmetic cocktail ingredients
  • Pregnancy or lactation
  • Cancer skin diseases (even in past history)
  • Blood system diseases
  • Installed cardiac pacemaker (if the procedure is performed in heart or chest area)
  • Thyroid gland diseases
  • Exacerbated (and purulent) skin inflammations (e.g. in dermatitis etc.)
  • Skin lesions
  • Presence of keloid scars (or predisposition to them)
  • Acute infectious diseases (e.g. ARVI etc.)
  • Epilepsy or psychiatric disorders.


What are the benefits of electroporation?

Skin care means not only care of uncovered skin areas, but also areas not visible under clothes. Electroporation procedure effectively allows to “bring into shape” both facial skin and the whole body skin. If you have wondered for a long time how you can make your skin younger, restore aqueous balance of skin integuments, eliminate mimic wrinkles and make a more consistent complexion, needle-free mesotherapy may be the solution.

What makes this procedure so useful? The thing is that many other cosmetic instrumental techniques are capable to transfer only about 10 % of useful substances into dermal layers, while electroporation accomplishes this task in a perfect manner – it transfers about 90 % of useful ingredients into skin cells. This is the procedure that helps active ingredients to penetrate into skin as deep as possible and without any adverse events.

How does electroporation procedure look like? Its stages include:

  1. Makeup removal (this procedure can be carried out correctly only by a specialist who uses less agressive but maximally effective agents),
  2. Ultrasonic facial peeling (without causing mechanical damage to epidermis; this manipulation helps releasing the skin from dead cells and promoting the process of active substances penetration into skin),
  3. Skin coating with a special cosmetic cocktail (or hyaluronic acid) using a special applicator, a handpiece.
  4. Use of impulse electric current of a certain strength for skin exposure (maintaining continuous contact with cutaneous covering in order to saturate epidermis with useful substances).

There is no need to worry – no pain feelings or complications occur at any of the above stages. The effect of the procedure is visually seen already after the first session; nevertheless, as with any skin rejuvenation course, it is important to fix the obtained result. The minimum number of procedures must be 10 sessions (at 1-week intervals). The maintenance procedures need to be carried out rarer – every 1.5-2 months. Electroporation effect is maintained for up to 6 months, depending on the skin type and the task faced by a cosmetologist.

Session duration is typically about 30-40 min (depending on the body part treated). Let us specify once again: frequency and duration of such therapy are established by your attending physician only, who takes into account the cosmetic defect type (and its intensity), as well as active substances which would help solving the problem.

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