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When symptoms of a disease appear, 9 out of 10 people search the information on the Internet first and only then consult a doctor. Our medical portal has no ambition to replace doctors, but it will provide you with comprehensible information about the symptoms, etiology and possible methods of treatment.

To write easily about the complex medicine is our main task. Before being published on the website, all materials are checked by experts — our articles are not just another rewritten copy. We speak about medicine to give readers reliable and understandable information.


Medical Articles in Plain Language


Likemedic.com is a medical portal that contains articles about the frequent topics within 21 branches of medicine:


Each medical article covers the following: definition, signs, causes, treatment methods and ways of prevention, as well as the recommendations about the medication and measures to alleviate the symptoms and for recovery. However, please keep in mind that the articles are not a guide for action; each organism and situation are unique, so the precise diagnosis and treatment plan are to be determined by your personal doctor.


Advantages of Medical Portal Likemedic.com


On the Internet, there are many medical websites but the likemedic.com provides you with:

  • Highly unique medical articles
  • Intuitive and attractive design, only useful information, no obtrusive advertising
  • Available on any device: from PC display to telephone
  • Articles written by authors with medical specialization
  • Before being published on the portal, the articles are checked by specialists with a medical education


Likemedic.com is not your average medical portal: we pay attention to the meaning and the design of the articles, publish no news from partners, and show no obtrusive advertising banners and teasers. We collect the essential things and give them to you as a comprehensive text supported by understandable pictures.

Read our articles, educate yourself and stay well!